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Our Programs

We have two program groups. Each group hosts monthly events and activities. Click Join a program to learn more about what is included!

Our Community Amigos

The Community Program is for adults (aged 18+) with or without disabilities who are facing barriers to inclusion. Participants are paired up with volunteer Connectors who share mutual interests and goals. Pairs meet up regularly to participate in leisure and recreational activities.

Lasting relationships are built, and connections are made in the community.  Young adults with barriers to inclusion benefit from the intentional relationships of peers in their community.  

Young adults who would like to volunteer to take on a leadership role by connecting with peers learn that their efforts do make a difference in creating inclusive places!

It’s fun and accessible!

Our School Amigos

Amigos is an inclusion program focusing on youth with intellectual disabilities, but open to all youth who experience barriers to inclusion.  

The Amigos program uses peer support and mentorship through matching: Amigos – students who face barriers to inclusion.  
Amigo Connectors – students who are well connected and supportive of others.  

The Amigos program is flexible and can be delivered in a manner to meet the needs that exist within the culture of your school.

  It’s fun and accessible!

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