Youth Leadership Workshop Series. March 21st - 23rd 2022

HUI and TRACKS have been working together to co-create a youth leadership workshop. We believe that youth are key in making a change in our community, especially with their many gifts.

The workshop series will start with Jaida, the Oshkwazin Program Assistant, sharing about orange shirts and their importance. All while learning how to bead an orange tee pin.

Then we move on to the next portion with Rhianyth where she will guide youth in understanding disability justice, which is connected to our work here at HUI.

Lastly, Larissa will navigate some social justice issues, discuss leadership and prompt youth to search for their passion… whatever that might be!    

Space is limited for the beading workshop so sign up as soon as you can!    

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Register for each workshop below! 

March 21st 2022

Beading with Jaida from TRACKS

Learn a new skill with Jaida, the Oshkwazin Program Assistant from TRACKS,  by beading an orange shirt pin and learning about Indigenous issues.

Jaida shares her Indigenous knowledge of beading and discusses important topics and reflections of the many thousand Indigenous children's remains on the grounds of residential schools and the Every child matters movement.

Jaida will also offer some insightful and useful resources to participants.

*This class is limited to only 5 people, so register as soon as you can! Beading kits will be delivered ro available for pick up. 

March 22nd 2022

Disability Justice with Rhianyth from HUI

Join Rhianyth in exploring more about disability theory and disability justice.

Rhianyth will discuss contemporary theories and important aspects of disability justice and some proponents of what maintains oppression.

Rhianyth comes from a background in Social work and brings a lot of knowledge to this online class. 

March 23rd 2022

Youth Leadership with Larissa from HUI

Explore connectedness, positive values and contributions to the community with Larissa.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce leadership in an inspiring way, allowing the participants to build their self esteem, social skills and explore their values.

The information will be delivered from an -anti-oppressive, feminist and anti-racist perspective.. Feel inspired to find your passion and get involved in the community. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no cost to the participants for this workshop series.     

Beading packages will be put together and available to be picked up at 175 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G6 or if you would like them dropped off to you, you can email and let Larissa know where you would like them dropped off. 

We will have pre-recorded webinars available by the end of April for each workshop and they will be ondemand. If you miss the beading workshop or cannot make it, we will post the needed supplies and you will be responsible to get those supplies. Updates to follow.

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